Married to the Empire

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tenuous Peace

When we found out we were expecting a baby, we started thinking about how the cats would react.  We figured that Doogie, who has always been our skittish kitty, would be freaked out.  We thought Ninja would be cool with it.  Instead, the cats had the opposite reactions.  When Steven brought the carrier in that first night home, Doogie walked right up to it, sniffed Alex, and seemed to shrug his shoulders and walk off.  He's retained that attitude.  The baby just doesn't interest him. 

Ninja, on the other hand, has been terrified.  He slinked up to the carrier in a fearful manner.  He jumped at every little sound for the next two days.  The baby monitor invoked more fear.  His perfect little world was shattered by the presence of this new tiny person. 

The crib tent we put up with Ninja in mind?  Totally unnecessary.  We'd feared he'd want to be in the crib with the baby.  That's pretty much the last place he wants to be!  And he no longer gets up on the changing table. 

He actually smacked Alex in the head when I was feeding him.  Thankfully, Alex didn't even flinch, which means Ninja didn't smack hard.  He got a stern NO from me, and he hasn't tried it again. 

I'm pretty sure that any time we take the baby out somewhere, Ninja is deeply disappointed when we return with him. 

But there was the night I walked in on this:

It was a tenuous peace, but we'll take it.   


Rhonda said...

aww- what a sweet father-son-kitty photo!
our dog protested both grandchildren by chewing on their baby toys, but just once for each.

it will get better, I promise!

Anonymous said...

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