Married to the Empire

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Toxic Zone

It's not news that our cats don't like the baby.  They think he's loud and unpredictable, which are two qualities that cats detest.  But I've been getting a laugh out of what we're now calling the Toxic Zone.  Here it is:

It's nothing more than a quilt on the floor, but if you look to the upper left, you'll see a basket.  We keep blankets in there, and Doogie likes to sleep in it.  If he's in his basket, and I put Alex down on his quilt for tummy time, Doogie will hop out and run off.  Every single time.  Makes me laugh as I'm apologizing to the cat.

But what was even funnier was when I tossed a toy for Ninja (his beloved tab off a jug of milk).  He was all excited and poised to race after it... until it landed on Alex's quilt.  Ninja just sat there and stared.  He wouldn't touch it!  I picked it back up, tossed it further away, and Ninja took chase.  That quilt is now associated 100% with That Screaming Thing, as we're pretty sure the cats think of him.  They want nothing to do with it. 

This doesn't bode well for future baby/kitty relations.


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