Married to the Empire

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Displaced Texan

I'm now officially a displaced Texas.  We moved to Oklahoma last Wednesday.  Not everything went smoothly with the move, but we made it here just fine, and that's what matters.  We don't close on our house until later in the month, so for the time being, we're living in a 2-bedroom apartment on the campus of The Voice of the Martyrs.  We're very blessed to have this option of free housing, but I'll confess that I'm finding it frustrating at times. 

Doogie and Ninja are living with another family for the time being.  It's very hard being separated from them, but at least they're not having to stay in a kennel.  We visited them on Saturday night, and while they're very confused and still a bit frightened of the changes, they're adjusting and doing relatively well.  Doogie is unfortunately dehydrated, so I've made an appointment for him with a local vet for Wednesday afternoon for a subcutaneous IV. 

Can I just say how very hard it was to leave our amazing vet behind in Texas?  The whole office was at the front to say good-bye when I stopped in to pick up the cats' medical records.  The vet teared up, which I have to admit, made me feel good.  I like knowing that we were valued clients.  She truly cares about my furry boys, which is why she's been our vet all these years.  I asked her to move to Oklahoma, but alas, she's staying put in Texas. 

I've always lived in big cities, so Bartlesville is an adjustment, for sure.  I spent Monday searching for Graco Pack N Play sheets.  I've not been happy with generic sheets, and we need more, as Alex is using his Pack N Play for a crib right now.  There were none to be had in town, so I had to drive to Tulsa today to buy some.  That was an adventure, as I was born without a sense of direction.  Mapquest gave me directions to a Toys R Us in some scary part of town, even though I'd searched for Babies R Us.  I'd hoped to explore Tulsa a bit, but there was really nothing else in that area, and I had a screaming headache, so we drove straight home.  But hey, I found my way there and back, and I only got a little lost, so it was a huge success for me! 


Nat said...

Hey! I'm not an expert on Tulsa, but I'm pretty familiar with the area and can help if/when you need it! I'm currently a displaced Oklahoman in I feel your pain ;)

*carrie* said...

Wow, Anne Marie. That seems to have happened fast! (Although my sense of time might be a little skewed right now--ha!) Welcome to small town life. =)