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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hospitality and the New House

Before we moved, we had a wish list of things we wanted in a new house.  Number one, of course, was no foundation problems!  But a few other things were a laundry room (rather than a closet, like I had in Texas), a dining room big enough to hold our oversized table, and a large enough home to be able to host groups.  I'd always been a bit troubled that we rarely had people over, including our youth group, in part because seating people at our table meant rearranging the dining room and the living room.  It was such a major hassle.

We actually prayed for these things, and God gave us what we asked for.  Now it's my turn to follow through.

Our table fits beautifully in our dining room.  It can seat up to 10 people, and wouldn't you know, our small group at our new church has 10 people in it.  We hosted the group last night, and the only furniture I had to move was chairs.  Even better is that we have so much space in this new house that we can set up several card tables, as well, if needed.  God has blessed us abundantly, and I'm thrilled to be able to actually open my home without it causing too much stress or physical labor.

We've let the youth minister know that our home is available if it's ever needed for Disciple Now or whatever.  He mentioned a progressive dinner at Christmas, so I'll be sure to remind him that we're willing to host that if he needs homes.  It's exciting to finally have a home we enjoy opening to others.


*carrie* said...

That's great, Anne Marie. What a beautiful dining room! Glad you can share it.

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