Married to the Empire

Friday, February 20, 2009

Star Wars Crafting

If you're getting bored of the craft stuff, I apologize. I've been pretty focused in this area this week. I should have some stuff to actually write about next week, but I have a few reasons for waiting for those topics. So, you get to see the Star Wars things I've made instead.

I totally enjoyed making the tag. Those are fun little things to work with. Of course, I had to pull out the glitter for the stormtrooper. My husband just rolled his eyes when I pointed out the sparkles.

I'm not ordinarily into Star Wars jewelry, but this looked like it could be cute to wear when I accompany my husband to All-Con next month. Gotta support my stormtrooper! However, he did point out to me that what I made is actually a Clone Trooper. I told him it's close enough. Besides, it will go nicely with my black 501st Legion t-shirt with the red-and-white accents. Boys just don't properly understand accessorization.


Amy W said...

Personally, I'm thoroughly enjoying your crafty projects. You're so right - boys really don't understand accessorization. That's why God made women.

Beth said...

Your jewelry projects look great! Thanks for sharing all your ideas.