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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Glitter Galore

I realize y'all are probably sick of the subject, but what can I say? I like sparkly stuff. Apparently, the propensity for sparkles is genetic because I have a niece who would wear sequins every day if my sister and her school's dress code would just let her.

In cleaning up my disaster of a craft room (another subject visited far too often here), I had to find a place for all my glitter. Thankfully, the new table my husband gave me for my birthday has drawers.

Y'all, I now have a glitter drawer. A whole drawer devoted to glitter! I'm a lucky girl who will never be short on sparkles.

See that brush lying on top of all that glitter? That thing is amazing. It was peddled as being a brush that glitter doesn't stick to. For the most part, that's true. In fact, because I couldn't get it to brush away the cheap glitter the other day, that's how I knew the Martha Stewart glitter was the better product. (Hence a drawer with 33 jars of Martha Stewart glitter.) Anyway, if you're going to work with glitter, you must have a glitter brush. It removes all that excess from your work surface with ease, and good glitter doesn't stick to it! I bought mine at that rubber-stamp convention I went to. The vendor was Polly's Pals.

For more glittery fun, I found this on clearance at Michael's:

I'm generally not big on craft kits, but these so looked like the cinnamon-applesauce bird ornaments from a past December issue of Martha Stewart Living, that I couldn't resist. I made those bird ornaments from the magazine, and they were difficult to create. But these look super-easy. It's pretty much just peeling the backing off sticky stuff that's already on the birds, then sprinkling on glitter. I haven't decided yet if I'm keeping this for myself or giving it to someone, but I suspect I'm keeping it. It is Martha, after all. (Are you noticing my Martha love yet?)

I'm now contemplating making tags with the super-cool tag maker my friend Michelle gave me for my birthday. I'm thinking maybe some glittery Star Wars-stamped tags...


A. said...

I'm curious about the brush. Does it feel like its coated with teflon or something?

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

It just feels like a soft brush. Nothing unusual feeling about it. In looking at it closely, I see that there's writing on it. It says, "3/4" ROYAL Soft-Grip SG 1400." I guess that's the brand and whatnot. Hope that's somewhat more informative.

And I can still see that the only glitter stuck in it is the cheap stuff. The Martha glitter I used this afternoon is nowhere to be seen. Good stuff!