Married to the Empire

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Few Holiday Highlights

Before we get too far removed from the recent holidays, I guess I should show a few highlights of our time off.

My wonderful Christmas Morning Birthday Breakfast at IHOP with friends, which is probably my favorite tradition:

My husband gave me a fantastic gateleg table for my birthday. I now have a dedicated table just for crafts in my craft room. I no longer have to remove things from my desk to do craft stuff. Best part of the new craft table is that it extends out to about 6 feet, but then folds up to take up very little space when not in use:

After Christmas we went to Abilene, Texas for a few days, just to get away. There is a great amount of history to be viewed there between the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum, The Grace Museum, The National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature, Frontier Texas!, and Buffalo Gap Historic Village (where we had quite the feline entourage as we walked from building to building). We stayed in a lovely Victorian bed-and-breakfast, called The Vintage House. It's run by a sweet older couple, and we learned that the wife went to my alma mater, Baylor University.

My husband NOT enjoying The Apron Chronicles exhibit at the Grace Museum (I thought it was fabulous):

At the 12th Armored Division Museum, which is a museum dedicated to that particular military group who served in WWII, I was amused to see this tank right by a sign for the Abilene Ballet (click on the picture if you can't see the sign clearly):

I got up on my soapbox outside of Frontier Texas!:

Our lovely state flower in antique-quilt form, as seen in the Grace Museum:

And back at home for New Year's Eve, I failed to take any picture of the people at the annual party we always attend at the home of friends. But if you ever wondered if a half-grown kitten who probably weighs no more than 4 or 5 pounds can ski on the Wii Fit, the answer is, "Yes." I did manage to get a shot of Asa hanging out on the Fit. She actually made the Mii we'd set up for everyone ski.


*carrie* said...

What a cool table, Anne Marie. Glad you had a fun birthday and vacation!

A. said...

What a lovely and very practical gift! Perfect for sewing your husband his very own apron.


ann said...

Ah I miss IHOP! They don't seem to have them around here. And I love that table! Did Steven build that? Awesome! And what a fun trip you went on~love the tank parked next to the ballet sign.

Ewokgirl said...

Ann, Steven put the table together for me, but he didn't build it. He bought it at IKEA. There's this really cool gateleg table on Martha Stewart's website that she built as one of the crafts for her old show. I'd originally asked him to make that for me for my birthday, but when he didn't even get the peace sign finished that was supposed to go in our yard this Christmas, I took mercy on him and told him the IKEA table would be fine.

Lacie said...

Hi Ewok - Best wishes to you for good things in 2009. I enjoy your blog.

I too would have loved the The Apron Chronicles. Looks amazing.

Ewokgirl said...

Lacie! It's so good to hear from you! Thanks for the nice compliment. I hope you have a wonderful 2009, too. :-)