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Monday, January 26, 2009

Dallas Excursion

I don't often venture into Dallas, as I rarely have a reason to. However, I'd received an invitation from artist Ryann Rathbone to attend her art showing at The Gypsy Wagon in Dallas. I went to school with Ryann in Norway, and I've been quite impressed with her artwork. As the shop is just across the highway from one of my favorite places to shop (Knox Street), I figured this was a great excuse to head out that way.

As my husband's office is on the way, I stopped off to have lunch with him. That's always a nice treat! We ate at a wonderful Korean restaurant. I'd tell you the name of it, but I don't know it. But it was good.

Then I headed to the Gypsy Wagon. (Please excuse the poor quality of the photos; I forgot my camera and had to borrow my husband's cell phone.)

It's an interesting little shop full of lovely, interesting items. Lots of decor and gift-type stuff, but also some clothing. Truthfully, I couldn't afford much of what was there. I really wanted to buy one of Ryann's prints, but considering all the car repairs of the last week and Calvin's vet visit, I just couldn't swing it. But I will. I start tutoring in March, and I've already told Steven that I'm going to use some of that money to buy one of Ryann's prints. Then I'll be responsible with the rest of it and stick it in savings.

After visiting with Ryann and looking around, I left and headed across the highway to Knox Street, where I went to my favorite store: Sur La Table.

I actually had some needs there, not just wants. A new meat thermometer and a microplaner were on my list. And as they had a sale on their fabulous wooden spoons, I picked up a couple of those. I also found a fantastic silicone spatula with a cute little frog prince on it on sale for only $4.99. I figured it would make a nice little gift for my friend who is into frogs and loves to bake. (I believe gifts need not be extravagant, but merely thoughtful and something the recipient would like.) I found a few other things, such as grapefruit spoons, some cookie cutters (only 56 cents each!), and ice cream sandwich molds, which were on clearance for only $2.99 (since I can't seem to find ice cream sandwiches that aren't made with chocolate cookies). It was a productive trip.

All said, it was a very nice way to spend a Friday afternoon!


JunkMale said...

Hooray for Korean restaurants! Did you have the Korean barbecue? (Americans usually do, and like it, but some are more adventurous).

Ewokgirl said...

Um, I'm not sure what I ate! They had a thing you could order called the Lunch Box. I picked the meat (a spicy pork), then it came with what it came with. There was kimchi, rice, sprouts, celery, rice noodles, salad, and half an orange. It was a ton of food! Oh, and it had soup as a starter. It was a clear broth with nori and mushrooms.

ann said...

That's wonderful that you can have lunch with your husband, it's good that you can stay connected during the day. Does your friend have her artwork online? Like on Etsy?

ann said...

Oops! I didn't see that you made a link! Sorry about that! I see it now :)