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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Economy and the $3.60 Jeans

Like many Americans, Steven and I found ourselves at the mall at the start of the new year. (I think all of North Texas turned out at this mall; it was frighteningly crowded.) I needed to get a new mattress pad, and I had a 25%-off coupon for the J.C. Penney Outlet. After buying that, we wandered around a bit.

Alarmingly, many stores were having going-out-of-business sales. It's not too surprising given the economic hit our country has taken over the past several months. We just didn't expect to see it so blatantly, I guess. Granted, we have way too many stores around here, and we certainly weren't surprised to see the Virgin music store shutting down. We've wondered how they've managed to stay in business as long as they have given their super-high prices. But it was still a bit troubling to see so many stores closing down.

That leads me to the jeans mentioned in the title. When we were at the mall last week, we passed by Steve & Barry's. Like so many other stores, it's going out of business. I saw some cute t-shirts through the window, but they were closing for the night and not letting anyone in. So, I went back yesterday to have a look around.

All those cute t-shirts that were 5 for $10 last week were mostly gone and now priced at 10 for $10. Too bad they were all size small and looked like they'd only fit a 10-year-old. But they had jeans on sale 3 for $10. Wow!

This is where I ran into a slight problem. I really needed to try the jeans on to see if they would fit, but the fitting rooms were cordoned off with "Employees Only" tape. I found a store worker to ask about trying the jeans on. I started with, "Can I ask you a question?" She said, "No," and walked away. I was pretty shocked by that. I guess when you're losing your job, you cease to care about customer service! Then again, if that was always this store's attitude, good riddance!

I went ahead and bought one pair of jeans. I figured that even if they didn't fit, I was only out $3.60 after tax. Thankfully, they do fit all right. Not perfect, but all right.

I guess one good thing about this bad economy is that there are deals to be found all over the place. You just might have to put up with poor customer service to get them.


ann said...

You had a really positive attitude about that store worker saying no and walking away. I probably would have walked out of the store. But I'm glad the jeans will work out for you, 3.60 is a steal. I was in a (haha I almost typed "Ben and Jerry's" instead of Steve and Barry's!) but anyway I have been in one once and loved their prices. Too bad they are going out of business.

TJ said...

Wow! That's a great price on new jeans. I have found wonderful prices on almost new jeans at Goodwill here, but we don't have any stores closing to get crazy deals like that. While it is tight here in the Northwest, our local economy is steady. For that I'm grateful.

I hope that you are able to find some more great deals!

Sue said...

Too bad the lady felt she had to take her "unemployment angst" out on you!
The Steve & Barry's here went under, too...I got a "Lucky Charms" t-shirt for $2.50 - not as rock-bottom as the prices at your store, but not bad for a cute shirt.

A. said...

There is a liquidator store here called National Wholesale Liquidators...and THEY are going out of business! Must take a picture of the signs. How on earth does a liquidator go out of business?

I popped into a Steve & Barry's a few months ago. Their men's hoodies are decent quality - very heavy, and most are embroidered (not screen-printed.) Good gifts if your brother only wears hoodies.