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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coat Closet Reorganization

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I need to clean out and organize around here. I started with my coat closet. (Well, technically, I started last week with my sweaters in my armoire, but it doesn't matter.)

The closet is really too small for all our coats. Make that, mostly my coats. I'm a girl; what can I say? Back in November I bought a hanging-shelf thing that's only 7 inches wide for a mere $4 at Ross. I needed to clean out enough space that I could hang that and get some stuff off the floor. Here's what I started with (pictures were taken after I'd pulled all the stuff out from where it sat on the floor of the closet:

I culled a few coats. I found one that was purchased when I was 17. I just turned turned 35. Out it went! I discovered I have an unbelievable number of gloves. Ski gloves? The only time I ever went skiing (and wore the ugly things) was in 1991. Time for those to go! I even found a few stray cat toys that my boys shoved in there.

By moving all my purses to the hanging shelves, getting rid of a couple of bags, putting both cat carriers on the floor, and dividing cold-weather accessories into separate bins (mine is red, Steven's is white), I was able to make this tiny closet much more functional, not to mention filled with only the things we actually use!

The finished product:

After I took pictures, I wound up adding some hooks to the door. I'll hang Calvin's harness and leash there, as well as umbrellas. I love being organized!


ann said...

Oh do I need to organize our closets. We have only lived here a year, and I'm amazed at how quickly stuff is starting to pile up!

*carrie* said...

Great job, Anne Marie! Our 99-year-old house doesn't have a coat closet, so we've had to figure out a new system.

Glad you like the music by Erin McC--she hails from your neck of the woods: Garland!