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Monday, January 12, 2009

Rubber Stamp Festival

Last week a friend told me about Heirloom Productions Rubber Stamp and Paper Arts Festival taking place in Grapevine this past weekend. I figured I'd just be going in to check out all the rubber stamps for sale. I'm too cheap thrifty to pay money to learn how to use glitter or whatever. Maybe if I were a more serious crafter, but since I just dabble, I couldn't see paying for a class.

I'm glad I didn't. Many of the vendors were doing free demonstrations.

I came home with so many new ideas, techniques, and yes, stamps and other supplies. (My birthday money is now gone.) I'm totally excited to get started on some of this stuff. I've been a little creatively challenged lately, but I'm all fired up to get working again.

Too bad my craft room is a wreck. I think dealing with that is #1 on the agenda for today. Well, that and doing semi-important things like, you know, buying food.

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Amy W said...

How fun! I love all things crafty! I choose to buy hand-stamped cards though. I use rubber stamps to emboss my soaps instead!