Married to the Empire

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I went to The Peddler Show in Arlington a few weeks ago. I've admired this one booth's potpourri for years, but had never bought any. Finally, I did. I've had a good time finding places to put it.

My MIL gave me this pink bowl a couple of years ago. So nice to have a use for it! It's now gracing the counter in our guest bathroom.

A Chinese bowl that sat for years on top of my turtle cabinet in the dining room is now on the bedroom dresser helping to keep the room smelling sweet.

And the teacup and saucer that are part of my Beatrix Potter collection now serve a dual function.


Allison said...

Potporri wouldn't last a second in my the cats bother it?

I like the Beatrix Potter collection! My mother had a small one and I added to it one Christmas with that same teacup.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

The cats find the potpourri too smelly to bother with. Doogie nearly gave himself whiplash from the recoil after sniffing that bowl. ;-)