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Thursday, September 23, 2010

This and That

I'm still here. I just haven't really had much to say, I guess.

I found a way to (finally!) be able to have fresh flowers in my home.

Doogie always knocked over any fresh flowers.  He likes the water in the vase.  But if he can't see the water, we're good!  I bought that vase in the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby a while back for something like $3.  Not beautiful, but functional for why I need it.  I'd prefer to use one of my crystal vases, but that's always disastrous with Doogie the Destroyer around.  I'm just thrilled to have some flowers.  Kroger had those gladiolas on sale yesterday for $2.50. 

I have no hometown.  I'm an oil baby, and the oil business moves families around almost as much as the military does.  The closest thing to a hometown I've ever had is Slidell, Louisiana, which is a suburb of New Orleans.  I loved the years we lived there!  So this 5th-generation Texan was beyond thrilled to visit the Cajun market in town this week to find boiled crawfish on sale.  The dinner plan quickly changed to accomodate!

I've been battling my first-ever ear infection.  I didn't even feel sick, but I'd been getting small bouts of dizziness.  Most were not problematic, but I could no longer stand on the stage at church to sing without getting really dizzy and disoriented.  Had to do last week's music set sitting on a stool while all the other singers stood.  So I saw the doctor on Monday.  She opted to give me an antibiotic and something else (a steroid, I think) through shots in my rear end.  I haven't had shots since I was a kid!  And I'm pretty sure the med tech who came in to give me my shots was a kid himself.  When the guy taking my blood pressure and giving shots looks like he could be in my youth group, I don't feel terribly confident in his abilities.  He did fine.  I just felt old. 

As for whether or not any of this has helped, I guess time will tell.  I've been running a fever off an on since visiting the doctor, and I was still dizzy during rehearsal last night (as soon as the drums start, the stage moves, and the room spins), but I'm hoping it'll be cleared up by Sunday.  But I may be wearing pants this week in case I need to sit on a stool again. 

And finally, a Calvin update.

I think he has another bladder infection.  He was quiet and clingy all weekend, then Monday he let loose on the bed.  So we're back to a higher dose of his daily antibiotic.  But at least he's starting to talk again, which generally signals that he feels better.  Years ago, this cat used to drive me batty with his constant meowing.  Now, I consider it a blessing when he's chatty because it means he's feeling all right. 

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