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Friday, December 3, 2010

Early Christmas Gift

My 10-year-old dishwasher had a major problem: the racks were all rusted.  I looked into replacing the racks, but the cost was going to be approximately $350, which is kind of ridiculous.  I was willing to wait a while, but when I caught my sleeve on a tine on the rack, and that bit of rack came off, I was done.  My sweet husband offered to forgo much a Christmas for himself in order to give me a new dishwasher.  That, my friends, is love.

With all the stores desperate for sales, I found an amazing deal on a new dishwasher at one of those early Black Friday sales.  We bought it, and it was installed last week. 

When the man came to install the dishwasher, Doogie was interested in what he was doing.  However, Doogie is our little 'fraidy-cat, so he supervised from a very safe distance.  He stood in the foyer to watch the installation on the opposite side of the kitchen. 

Installation Supervisor

Boxes are fun!  Christmas came early for kitties, too!

Um, Mom?  Could you make Calvin get out of the box.  I want a turn!

My Christmas present


Anonymous said...


I'm kinda hoping for a dishwasher as well. ;)

Happy Christmas!

Beth said...

You know you're all grown up when you are excited to get appliances. ;) I remember waiting for a new dishwasher, so congrats on the new one!!