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Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Birthday Party

Because we're in a new place and don't know very many people, I was determined to make Alex's first birthday something special.  I planned a little party, and we only invited my parents, who had planned to come in from Texas, and the neighbors behind us, as we get together occasionally with the kids. 

Unfortunately, only the neighbors were able to come, as my daddy wound up having unexpected heart surgery the week before Alex's birthday.  (He's recovering just fine, thankfully.)

This may be the only birthday I make a bunch of handmade stuff (of course, I say that, but who knows?), but again, I felt like I really needed to make this special.  And yes, I fully acknowledge that this was for me mostly, as Alex won't remember a thing.  However, he'll be able to look back at pictures someday and know that his mama cared enough to make sure his first birthday was a Big Deal. 

Alex adores our cats.  (The feeling isn't mutual.)  Since that's what he's most into, I decided to throw him a kitty party with a black-and-white color scheme in honor of Ninja's and Doogie's fur colors. 

I used my DeNami Designs cat stamps make the invitations and cupcake toppers.  The jars of black-and-white candy with pumpkins made into cats were inspired by the cover of an All You magazine that I saw.  I made a special little cat shirt for the Birthday Boy to wear at his party. 

The Birthday Boy upon waking up

Doogie cupcakes

Ninja cupcakes

It may have been a small party, but it was a good one.  Happy First Birthday, my sweet boy!


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely darling!

Kameron Earles said...

You did an amazing job! He's so big & such a cutie pie!!!!

Brett Smith said...

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