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Thursday, April 26, 2007

It pays to read labels!

As an official, boring grown-up, I watch the ads for grocery stores. Yesterday, Alberstons had a bunch of stuff on sale for $1, so I went to stock up on some stuff. As a treat, I decided to buy some Little Debbie snacks. I bought 2 boxes of the Oatmeal Creme Pies. I ate one last night and came down with a migraine. On a whim I decided to read the ingredient list today. About halfway down the list it says, "Cocoa."

Uh oh.

It just never occurred to me to read the ingredient list for oatmeal cookies. In my naivete, I just assumed they were safe from migraine triggers. I learned a painful (literally!) lesson about always reading food labels. Also a good lesson about how much strange stuff is mixed in with processed food. I despise baking cookies, but maybe I'll do it more often now! At least then I'll know what's in 'em!

I just IMed my hubby to tell him that the Little Debbies are all his!

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