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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Gift: Homemade Burp Cloths

We were invited to a couples' baby shower over the weekend. One of those weird relationships (husband's high school best friend's little sister) with people I don't really know. I keep a stash of board books in my gift closet, as books are my standard baby gift. (Everyone gives cute clothes, but rarely does anyone try to make the new kid a book lover...) I decided to supplement the gift with some homemade burp cloths.

I claim no originality in making these. I totally snagged the idea and design from Shannon.

This project wound up being really easy. I bought some gray flannel with pink polka dots and some pale pink flannel. Unfortunately, the pink flannel faded in the wash to an almost white. Oh well. I laid out the fabric with the right sides together and drew rectangles in the dimensions in Shannon's instructions. I used a cup to round the corners.

I cut it all out after that. BTW, we recently bought a rotary cutter and large self-healing cutting mat. Rotary cutters are amazing! I zipped right through the double layers of fabric with no problems. Makes cutting so much faster and easier. I had to use scissors to round the corners, though.

Next I set about pinning them, then sewing them, leaving an opening for turning them right-side-out.

After turning them right-side-out, I ironed them so that I could be sure I had the inside seams all nice and flat and straight. Then I sewed all around the edges.

The finished product:

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