Married to the Empire

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stormtroopers, Sodas, and Sci-fi

Weekend before last I went with Steven to a scary part of Dallas for a stormtrooper event. There's a small enclave of upscale/trendy shops in the midst of all the ick, and that's where we found Boomstick Comics and The Soda Gallery. It's a pretty cool little place with walls of unusual sodas interspersed with geek stuff.

I failed to get photos of the sodas in the shop itself, but I got some of the stock shelves in the back. (The stormtroopers were changing in the back.) I was suprised by the wide variety, including stuff I haven't seen since the 70s, such as Bubble Up.

I wound up trying a black cherry cream soda. Yum!

Lots of interesting artwork for sale in the shop.

And of course, the Star Wars folks!

Do stormtroopers get hot? Yes. (They also get tired of being asked that question!) My husband found a giant fan and spent some time cooling off. Bliss!


Eliza28 said...

Oh that looks so fun. If we are ever in Dallas again we will be sure to find this place and stop.

By the way do stormtroopers ever get hot in those outfits? hehe sorry I just had to!

Beth said...

Makes my weekend seem so boring!