Married to the Empire

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Glittered Pumpkins

I enjoyed my glittered pumpkins last year so much, that this year I decided to do it again. However, this time I used fake, plastic pumpkins so that I can reuse them each year. I had a much easier time this year than last year due to some smart changes.

One, plastic pumpkins with long stems are a lot easier to hold than real pumpkins with short stems. That was my #1 difference this year!

Two, water down the glue to be painted onto the pumpkins. Makes it so much easier to apply!

Three, I used coffee filters to catch the glitter as I sprinkled it over the glue-painted pumpkins. It was a nice catcher for the stray glitter, but it also made it very easy to pour the glitter back into its container. I learned this little trick... somewhere. Seriously, I'd give credit to the person I got the idea from, if only I could remember who that was!

Four, dry the pumpkins on cookie sheets lined with waxed paper. (Not a new idea for this year, but it's still helpful.)

Five, pile pumpkins into a glass bowl, and admire the sparkle.


Joanne Brown said...

They look lovely! Very sparkly and happy :)

Beth said...

Those look great! Maybe I will look for some clearance halloween supplies after the holiday and do this next year. (We're going to FL for almost 2 weeks in Oct this year, so I am not even going to attempt them now!)