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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Cat's Life

Our boys had an exciting Saturday morning. With spring here, they've been itching to get outside, so I threw open the back door on Saturday morning and let them race out into the yard. After attempting to watch Calvin, our resident escape artist, while reading the newspaper (completely unsuccessfully), it finally occurred to me to grab the camera to capture some of their joy.



Nope! Just completely blissed out from rolling around in the dirt and grass.


The oh-so-rare perfect pose:

But then...

What can I say? They hadn't had a bath--a real bath--in a year! They should be grateful, as we've never gone that long between baths before.

They did forgive us. Eventually.


Thirsty said...

the two penultimate shots - they have the *same* face!!! - love it

Beth said...

Awww... they look so happy outside. My Toby is always trying to escape. We've considered trying a leash, but I worry that a taste of freedom will still not be enough for him.

Amy Warden said...

I think we have all been going a bit stir crazy this winter. I couldn't be happier to finally feel the sun on my face. I had to laugh at the bathtime photos. You can tell it is the ultimate betrayal. My daughter has a book called "Bad Kitty Takes A Bath". It's pretty hysterical.

AnneK said...

My grandma used to tell me cats should not be given baths. I blindly believed it and thought cats are never supposed to have baths :)

Looks like they are not too happy about it.

Anonymous said...

They look so happy outside and so disgruntled at their baths. LOL, at least you can bath your cats. I wouldn't even think of trying that with mine.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Annie, not happy is an understatement. They learned years ago, though, to endure. Technically, cats aren't supposed to need baths, but after a while, they start to smell like spit, and I can't stand that. Calvin's kidney disease has given him some pretty icky breath, so the spit smell is that much worse. Now they smell like mango soap! ;-)

Beth, your cat might be okay on the leash. Our problem is that we used to let Calvin out. He remembers that and has never quite gotten over it. But too many fights with other neighborhood cats got him grounded indoors and only allowed out under extreme supervision.

Sue said...

Glad the boys got to enjoy a lovely spring day! You're brave to bathe them - I've only bathed 1/2 of Bella once in the 7 years I've had her...