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Friday, April 23, 2010

Never Say Never

Back before Calvin was sick, Steven and I swore we'd never do saline IVs, aka "kitty dialysis", on him. We watched our friends do that, and it seemed like it was just a way to prolong kitty's life for the humans. We didn't want to do that.

Yet here we are. Calvin needs it, and we caved. The vet said on Monday that cats with kidney disease often get to the point where they're peeing out more water than they're taking in, so they get severely dehydrated.

We talked it over. We know how lousy it feels to be dehydrated, and we decided we just couldn't let our boy suffer through that when we can do something about it. It's for his comfort. If he were so sick that he needed to just be given back to God, we wouldn't bother. But he still runs around the house, meows his complaints about the service around here, bullies his baby brother. He even chased a rabbit when it foolishly entered our backyard when the cats were out there!

He's not at death's door just yet.

So this morning we headed to the vet's office so that Steven could learn how to give Calvin his IV.

Never say never.

(And if you're wondering about his lab results from Monday, we're still waiting to hear the verdict. I'll update when we know something.)


AnneK said...

I don't have a lot of time to comment these days, but you are one of the few blogs I read regularly. So even if I am not commenting often, I read what is going on and you are in my prayers.

It must be hard with the situation with Calvin. It is never easy to let go. I hope you and Steven feel God's hand holding you in the days to come.

Allison said...

Praying for your little one.
PS: your silly rabbits must have relatives in my backyard, too.

Rhonda said...

you are very good pet parents. I hope the treatments are easy on all of you.

and our pastor frequently says
""never say never" from the pulpit - not about taking care of your kitties, but about thinking you are too strong or good to sin or get out of fellowship. it is a good phrase to remember in every situation

Cathy VanPatten said...

I think you guys have made the right decision. As long as he's active and not in pain or so compromised that he doesn't really have a good life any longer, it makes sense to do what you can to keep him as active and healthy as possible.

((((Calvin and his parents))))

Our upstairs neighbors did that for one of their kitties, and it extended his life quite a bit. I asked one time if it was hard to do, and they said it was surprisingly easy, especially since it produced such positive results for their kitty Sam.

All the best, you guys!