Married to the Empire

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rainy Day in the Garden

I'm a low-maintenance gardener, which means I hate gardening, so I buy plants I can stick in the ground, then mostly forget about. The irises and roses just bloom on their own, which is nice. I went out last night after it had been raining all weekend and took a few photos in the garden.

Is that last one not the cutest thing? I have a strong zoom on my camera, but he still let me get pretty close to take a photo. He even came back this morning to munch on my grass some more.

And finally, this makes me very happy:

We planted the rosebushes probably 10 or 11 years ago, and that particular bush never bloomed until 2 years ago. Even then, it was just one measly rose at a time. I've now counted 17 buds on it! Can't wait to see it finally blossom as it was meant to! There's probably some great life lesson on patience or something to be found in this...


Thirsty said...

just loverly

Meredith said...

Very pretty!

Allison said...

Pretty! I have bunnies in my yard, too. Irises always make me smile...they look as though they were in a fight with a lawnmower :) I like your little sitting area, too.