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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Riddance, May... Again

I'm starting to hate the month of May. I posted a couple of weeks ago about having to replace our air handler. We paid extra for one with a universal coil that could work with the old R-22 in our outdoor unit, but also work with the new R-410 whenever we upgraded.

The upgrade happened sooner rather than later.

Our old unit couldn't hack it. The AC was running non-stop, yet it was still getting up to 86 in the house. Steven suffered through the weekend with me, and he realized for the first time just how miserable I am much of the time in my own home every day as a SAHW. Then again, it's never been that bad before.

The AC company came out again, and I was told that running the system (twice) with a freon leak has severely damaged the condensor. Add in the fact that it's always been too small for our house. (Thanks, previous owners who went cheap on all repairs.) So now we have a new condensor outside that's better sized for our home. It's cool again.

But we've now spent more than twice what we spent in necessary repairs and health costs last May. If this is going to become a pattern, I want to skip May 2011 altogether.


Beth said...

For me, a/c is a neccessity and not a luxury. I know it hurts to spend all that, but knowing you will be comfortable in your own home counts for something too. We are facing repairs to our driveway that might hit 5 figures, so I feel your pain.

Thirsty said...

This is exactly our scenario from Jan 2008, only with the heat and not in parts. This little do-hickey in the outside unit kerplumperlated in January, leaving us with no heat.

The do-hickey only cost like $10, but labor to take apart the entire outdoor unit to get down to the blessed thing was going to cost lots . . .

then there was the issue of the freon becoming outdated and hard-to-get-to in the coming years . . .

and, oh by the way, your unit is only about 60% of what it should be for a house this size.

That was January - then the foundation repair, then the 3 sewer leaks (*within* the foundation), then the backyard fence our city-nazis made us repair, then the hot water heater in mid-December. Seriously?! Homeownership is the American Dream?!?! Says who?!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Are you sure we're cousins and not twins? We've had the leaks under the foundation, foundation repairs, new AC/heating, still need to replace the fence...

I'm starting to think home ownership sucks overall.