Married to the Empire

Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Riddance, May!

May wound up being a ridiculously expensive month for us.

We needed to upgrade our termite treatment for our house. Absolute necessity.

I needed some dental work. Again, necessity.

This guy cost us a small fortune:

I think we were at the vet's office once a week. But I am pleased to report that his bladder infection appears to be gone and his blood pressure is down, so his meds are working! Hopefully the vet visits will have more time between them now.

Then last week, we discovered that we needed this:

Our old water heater sprung a very small leak. We were very fortunate that it was small and discovered because it could have made a colossal mess in the house if it had been worse. This wound up being quite costly, though, because our old water heater was original to the house, which was built in 1985. It was not up to current code, and the plumbers both told me it was a fire hazard! In addition to installing the new heater, they had to add a stand to raise it 18 inches off the floor, a drain pan, and a drain pipe in case it ever leaks. Then we had to pay for a city inspector to come out.

I won't spout exact costs here, but let's just say that May wound up costing us about 10 times what we put away in monthly emergency savings. Ouch! So, good-bye May, and good riddance! May June be less expensive and eventful.


Thumperdd said...

Goodness! I hope things look up in June... if not, I'd find some far off exotic island to escape to!


Allison said...

My sympathies. I had a similar month. I think last year, same month, I had three water heaters go on me. Ouch.