Married to the Empire

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Temporary Houseguests

Our pastor is doing a sermon series on heroes, and my husband suggested that he have cardboard standups of various movie heroes up on the stage. The pastor liked that idea, and it became Steven's job to find them.

Apparently, it became my job to tolerate their residing in my living room until they make their way to church.

We're still arguing over whether or not Darth Vader can be considered a hero. I say no, but my Empire-loving, stormtrooper husband says yes.

This is life at my house.


Amy W said...

I'm with you. Darth Vader is a bad guy.

Beth said...

My boys would LOVE houseguests like that! lol And I would, too, since they seem pretty easy to get along with... unlike say, in-laws or slumber party guests...

Kameron said...

Maybe Vader is a good example for everyone. As a child he is good & pure. As he grows he starts down the dark path & it dominates his destiny. The farther down the dark path we get the harder it is to find our way back to the light. Vader finds his way back to the light & is redeemed by forgiveness & love.