Married to the Empire

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's the Little Things

I found this when I got up this morning:

Steven brings in my newspaper every morning for me, but usually he just leaves it in the entryway. Today, though, he delivered it to my place at the table, along with a rosebud from the rosebush in the backyard.

It's the little things that say, "I love you."

And speaking of little things, this Little Thing was meowing mightily at me while I was snapping photos of my rose and paper. Doogie rarely will pose for me when I have the camera out, but this morning, he made a point of telling me he wanted his picture taken, so here it is:


AnneK said...

Look at those whiskers!

And you have a rosebush in the backyard that grow roses? I am impressed!!!

Beth said...

Love that photo of Doogie!!