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Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Weekend with the Youth

We are now officially without a youth minister, so the youth team has taken over. We planned a night of Whirlyball, lock-ins, followed by a carwash fundraiser in the morning. Exhausting, but fun!

For the uninitiated, Whirlyball is a sort of a cross between basketball and lacrosse, but played in bumper cars. Being good or bad at sports doesn't seem to matter because once you add in the element of bumper cars, things get crazy. I hate games where I have to throw, catch, or hit balls, but I actually find this pretty fun.

Receiving playing instructions from Chris the Whirlyball Guy:

My hubby:

I'm in the purple plaid:

More random pics of the game:

After Whirlyball, the boys went to the church to spend the night, and the girls went to a couple of homes for their own sleepovers. Steven stayed with the boys, but I went home for the night. I had the important job of delivering breakfast in the morning!

After breakfast we had a carwash to help raise money for youth camp, which is in only 2 weeks! It's expensive to rent 15-passenger vans and buy gas for them to drive to New Mexico and back. Our kids worked very hard, and we made almost $500, which is really good considering we probably only washed about 20 cars in our 4 hours out there!

We came home sunburned and exhausted, but it was a really good weekend with our students!

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