Married to the Empire

Friday, June 5, 2009


Doogie loves to curl up with my Snoopys and Consolation Dogs. (Consolation Dogs are the stuffed dogs my husband gives me because he won't let me have a real dog.) Oh, and there's a stuffed cat in there, too. Steven bought it for me last year because it reminded him of Doogie.

I'm not sure if Doogie is trying to camouflage himself, thinks the dogs smell like me, or just feels at home in a pile of animals. Whatever his reasoning, he sure is cute when he does it!


ann said...

Consolation dogs, I love it!

Amy W said...

Cute! I guess I should start calling my girls' stuffed animals their consolation pets!

Allison said...

Maybe it's a primal comfort thing? One of my dogs sometimes just HAS to squeeze himself under my desk or into a tiny corner - I think it goes back to when dogs lived in caves and such. I don't know where pre-domesticated cats lived.

I used to lived with a girl who had those same pillowcases.