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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scary Storms Last Night

Shortly after I arrived at church last night for a music rehearsal, the tornado sirens started blaring and the lights went out. We took cover in one of the children's rooms and were fortunate enough to find a flashlight in there.

We all took advantage of a lull in the storm to get out and go home. The drive home was something. The traffic light next to the church was out, and the street sign attached to it was mangled. A few yards up the road, telephone or power poles (not sure which) were completely snapped in half and hanging by their wires. The news later reported that the neighborhood right by the church was hardest hit in the Metroplex. Somehow, we were completely spared at the church. In fact, we couldn't even hear much of anything from inside the church. Praise God for that!

A couple of scenes from our street last night:

I drove around the neighborhood and down Main Street today and snapped a few photos of what the storm did. Please pardon any blurriness, as I was driving while taking pictures. The pole pictured below that is leaning on another pole (click on the picture for a bigger version if you can't see it) was in the road last night:

All is well at our own house. Steven and the cats rode out the storm in the guest bathroom. Steven had to eat his dinner in there, so the cats, who were angry about being locked up, were appeased with a little of his chicken.


Kameron said...

Leave it to "Daddy" to appease them. :-) I'm so glad to hear you guys were okay & didn't have any damage.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

"Daddy" is a big ole pushover with those kitties! But I would have given them chicken, too. I imagine Calvin gave him no peace during his dinner in that small space. Sometimes it's just easier to give in and be left alone!

Did y'all get hit by the storm like we did?

Amy W said...

So glad you are ok! Looks like your town took quite a hit! We've had lots of rain off and on, with clouds the rest of the time and high temps in the 70's. It's been a very strange week - doesn't feel like June!

ann said...

So glad you guys didn't get hurt or take damage to the house! That was quite a storm.

Beth said...

I saw your photos, and then saw more damage on the news. I'm glad to hear you all rode out the storm with no more damage to your house and no injuries!!