Married to the Empire

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Thrifting

Typically when I go to thrift stores, it's for amusement purposes. I just like to see what they have, and if I happen to find something useful or interesting, all the better!

I didn't expect to find things we need.

I found a brand-new Filtrete allergen-reducing air filter at Goodwill for only $4! I typically pay at least $10 for those! My theory is that someone bought it, opened it, then realized it was the wrong size for their air conditioner. But it's the right size for mine!

The light bulbs are for our bathroom fixtures. We have those out-of-style (but I actually like ours) Hollywood-strip light fixtures, and they take a lot of those round bulbs. Not only are these brand-new, but they're compact fluorescents. Only $2.19 for each box of 4 bulbs.

I love finding life's necessities inexpensively. Such an unexpected blessing.

And then there was the $2 cookbook that I simply wanted. Calvin decided to show it off for you:

My husband groaned in mock horror when he learned I'd bought a vegetarian cookbook, but he'll get over it. It's good for his kidneys.


*carrie* said...

Fun finds, Anne Marie. I like getting deals on practical stuff, too!

Allison said...

Aw, I think Calvin wants some homecooked meals, too? Does your husband like fake meats?