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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Bedding

I'd been wanting new bedding for a while, but Calvin's bladder infection and subsequent peeing on our bed sped things up. Specifically, I wanted something that could be washed at home in my top-loading washing machine. Our previous comforter was too big and had to go to the laundromat, which was just a pain.

I've been looking for over a year and honestly still haven't really found what I wanted. However, I happened to find this blanket at Target that was the right shade of blue, and it was on clearance. Score! The package says it's a blanket, but it looks like a comforter, so I'm happy enough with it.

Shams were a different story. I haven't found exactly what I want, and I didn't want to spend money on something I didn't necessarily intend to keep. So, we're using pillowcases for now. Not the neatest look, but good enough. It's a little bland at the moment, but I'll dress it up more in time.

The new bedding came at a good time. Calvin was given the all-clear on his infection last week, so we let him sleep with us again. He rewarded us last Friday by peeing on Steven's side of the bed. (The cat no longer has the "I'm sick" excuse; now it's just bad behavior!)

The good thing: I could throw it all into the washer at home. If I have to clean up cat messes, at least I can do it more easily.


Beth said...

The bedspread looks nice - such a nice shade of blue. And I hear you about keeping things washable. For me it was more of an issue when my kids were small than the cats.

lizzykristine @ Uplifted Eyes said...

Hmmm, should I confess that I don't care for shams? They always seem to block my breathing at night. So I put the pillows under our quilt, fluff it up, and arrange a couple small pillows in front. (Didn't putting pillows under the quilt used to be the style, anyway?)

Kameron said...

What a stinker that Calvin is!