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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calvin, or, The Reason I'm Not at Youth Camp

Since I stayed home from youth camp this year because of Calvin, I figured I should let you know how he's doing. I was worried about leaving him, even for just a night, as he's recently exhibited some signs of having a bladder infection again. (The vet said that if he does that, just up his daily antibiotic from 1/4 pill to 1/2, which is exactly what I've done.) But he was good as gold for his auntie who came to care for him and Doogie. She said he took his pills like a champ, and he didn't make any messes. Whew!

He's actually been perfect since Steven left. Perfect. I even dared to let him nap in the bed with me on Sunday. I suspect that since he saw and understood Steven's packed bags, he was just so grateful that I returned home the same afternoon that Steven and I left the house with those bags, that he doesn't dare act up. Whatever his reasoning, I'll take it.

Calvin had a cute moment Friday night. We had a birthday dinner party with friends for Steven. I gave him a new Army of Darkness shirt, and he put it on Calvin, who was in his lap at the time. Everyone gave the appropriate awwwww at this, as Calvin didn't even flinch at being dressed, and in fact, started purring louder.

Last night I washed all the cat bowls and the placemat on the boys' food tray. I also moved the tray out so that I could sweep underneath it. The cats always get anxious whenever their bowls turn up empty, and this was no exception. Calvin made sure that I would notice him. You know, so I wouldn't forget to put the bowls back out. (As if.) He planted himself on top of his food tray, while Doogie milled about.

Speaking of Doogie, I snapped this adorable picture of him taking a nap in an odd place. It amazed me how cats can make themselves comfortable pretty much anywhere.

All in all, life is good right now, except that we all miss Steven terribly.

**I typed this up last night before bed and scheduled it to post later. I think I jinxed things. I woke up this morning and smelled cat urine in the craft room. Guess my boy is tired of being good. But he validated my reasons for staying home from camp this year.

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