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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Youth Camp

I drove to Oklahoma on Monday with the wives of the other men who went to youth camp as sponsors. Our kids are at a missions-focused camp, and they are doing some seriously hard work! Most of them are doing manual labor around the campus of the children's home where they're staying--cutting grass and weeds, trimming bushes, cutting downed trees, scraping and painting. Others are building relationships with autistic kids who are there for a camp (not our youth camp). I'm so proud of all of them, especially as they have amazingly positive attitudes. We feared there would be a lot of whining and complaining, but instead, they're excited about what they are doing!

I got a few pictures during their worship service on Monday night:

Monday was my husband's birthday, which was truthfully the main reason I went to Oklahoma. Getting to spend time with our students was a bonus. One of the other sponsors said that we wives needed to take Steven with us when we went out to dinner. So, we went here:

The name alone cracked us up. Say it fast, and it sounds like salmonella. Additionally, it's called Sam & Ella's Chicken Palace. But it's not chicken; it's pizza. The food was excellent, thankfully.

**If you're new here, you might wonder why my photos from camp really aren't very good. I have a general policy of not posting clear photos of my students' faces unless I know their parents won't mind. For those who are on Facebook with me, you'll be able to see good photos there.

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