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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cats Are Costly

We'd hoped that no longer having a chronically-ill pet would mean that vet bills would be a thing of the past. 

Silly us. 

Our sweet, new Ninja Cat has had problems since he arrived home.  Potty problems.  Really nasty, smelly problems that my husband has stoically handled on his own all this time because the mere sight of it has me gagging (it's a pregnancy thing). 

I took 2 separate fecal samples in to the vet's office, and they each came back negative, so we hoped that things would just resolve once his little system was used to the food here.  Five weeks in, and things weren't any better.  Ninja jumped into my lap on Friday after a trip to the box, and he left some, um, residue on my pajamas.  I nearly threw up.  I was done.  This will get fixed!

Fecal sample #3 went in for testing, but this time it was a more comprehensive test (which meant it cost 3 times as much).  Steven didn't seem very happy with me over that since the other 2 samples were negative.

My diligence paid off.  Ninja has a bacterial infection causing something called Clostridial Entertoxicosis.  Treatment is inexpensive amoxicillin.  And fiber.  I'm feeding him pumpkin now as a treat, which surprisingly, he loves!  Hopefully, his potty problems will be resolved in the very near future!

And speaking of the costliness of cats, I was paying bills last week, and I was perplexed by our water bill having gone down by nearly $20.  Then I realized that with Calvin gone, I'm no longer doing laundry every day.  Guess he was costing us more than just vet bills.  But he was 100% worth it. 


Jen said...

Just making sure you know - Steven should be on kitty litter duty anyway. Cat feces can (rarely) give you an infection that can be deadly to the unborn baby, toxoplasmosis. So, even once you can handle the smell, let him do it.

Glad you figured it out!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

We know, but thank you.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I know just what you mean. When I took in a my kitty after losing my eldery cat this past winter I thought yae - she is only 5 so I would get a reprive from vet bills. Ha,my poor baby promptly came down with a stress induced UT infection within the first week (she is a rescue kitty as was very scared at first).