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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life with Ninja

I'm so glad that Doogie likes to live his life free of drama.  He's always been our easy kitty.  Ninja, on the other hand, is making up for the high-maintenance void that Calvin left behind. 

Ninja likes to dig.  He's very dexterous and loves to scoop things with his paws and pull things out or apart.  Last week I heard a strange sound from the kitchen.  When I went to investigate, I found Ninja with the new bag of cat litter I'd brought in from the garage.  He'd torn a hole in the bag and was happily scooping litter out onto the floor.  He was quite irritated with me when I took him away from that. 

This is a common pasttime of his when I'm foolish enough to forget to close the doors to my armoire:

There's just something about my drawer full of slips and tights that he just can't resist.  He loves to reach in and pull things out onto the floor.  I have a feeling that next winter when I need to wear tights, I'll have a hard time finding any that aren't riddled with claw marks.

The worst was probably last week.  It sounded like he was in the bathtub, but when I looked, he wasn't there.  I found him in the closet behind the bathtub.  He'd managed to pull the panel off the wall that leads to the plumbing for the tub.  I got to him just as he was about to climb in. 

This little cat just may be the death of me. 

He likes to get in the way play in whatever I'm trying to do at the moment.  I snapped these pictures yesterday as I was trying to change the sheets on the bed:

Probably took me 15 minutes to change the sheets with him impeding every step, but he was having such a good time, and it was harmless fun for him.

Oh, but when he sleeps, he's just so sweet.


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Ebony was my "helper" when it came to changing the bed. No matter where she was, when those sheets started rustling she would come running. I can't change a bed now without thinking about her. *sniff*

Francisca said...

Hi Annie!!

It's soo good to hear you're alright, thanks God.

Your comment about Ninja "helping" you with the bed sheets reminded me of this webcomic about a couple with two very curious female kittens :) It's in Spanish, but I hope it gives you and Steven some laughs.

Take care!!


Thirsty said...


So, how do I get my A-Dawg (my pet son) to come running to "help" when I rustle the sheets?

Beth said...

My cats also like to help making the beds. It's cute when it's one bed, but when I'm making several it gets old pretty fast. ;) Good thing they're so cute!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I had a taby that loved to "help" make the bed. Quite often the bed would end up sheeted but with a "lump" in the middle. Glad to hear Ninga is settling in well.

Rhonda said...

Funny, but Ninja and my 2 year old grandson are 2 of a kind. Gavin does the same thing, he is great "helper" when I change the bed (NOT)
and if leave out something, Gavin is sure to find it and do something with it that he probably shouldn't.