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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Odds and Ends

Once upon a time, I blogged regularly.  Now I don't.  Instead, you get occasional little updates on the random events of recent life.  Hopefully, I'm not as boring as I suspect I might be...

I'm determined to keep my house looking nice after the baby arrives.  Yes, I know there will be toys everywhere.  There already are; they're called cat toys.  But I mean, I want to keep home from looking like a baby store exploded in here.  So I started with this:

We found a lovely wooden high chair in an antiques store for a mere $40.  Steven will need to make some minor safety adjustments, as it's missing a strap or two, but that's easily taken care of.  It will look nice in our dining room, and most importantly, it's not tacky plastic.  A little TLC, and it will look good as new!

Even though I've been given permission by both my neurologist and my high-risk OB to take Imitrex for my migraines, I'm still a little scared of what damage I might be doing to baby.  For the most part, I'm just trusting God to protect the baby because if I worry, I'll get all stressed and freaked out, and frankly, I can't control what happens.  (I mean, other than not taking the drug, but that introduces a new set of issues, and they're not healthy.)  However, after daily migraines for the past month (due mostly, I think, to the insane, near-daily weather shifts we've had recently), I got desperate enough to seek out non-drug relief: I saw an acupuncturist.

He wants me to take some herbal something-or-other.  He swears it's safe in pregnancy, but what little I could find online says it's not, so I refuse to take it.  He stuck 10 needles in me last week, and so far... nothing.  He also did something called GuaSha on me.  Basically, he scraped my shoulder repeatedly with a stick.  It did this to me:

Trust me; it looks worse than it is.  And the crazy thing is, I think it helped.  My migraines go from behind my right eye, down my neck, and into a spot on my shoulder.  That shoulder has knots upon knots upon knots.  And now, the knots are lessened, and I'm not as aware of my shoulder as I used to be.  Go figure.  So, I'm going back for another appointment today.  I'm still unsure of how much chance I want to give this.  My biggest deterrent is that his office reeks of incense.  It's so bad that I have to shower and change clothes as soon as I get home.  He even wanted me to take some of it home with me to help me.  Ha!  I told him no way! 

Ninja is still sick.  Poor Doogie just wants a clean, fresh litterbox.  He's very private about using the litterbox, but the other day when Steven was cleaning the boxes, Doogie was doing the potty dance in front of them and trying to climb in before Steven had even finished.  I think Ninja had fouled up the boxes so badly that Doogie was just holding it until they were clean again.  Poor kitty. 

And speaking of Doogie, I fear he feels neglected.  Ninja just demands so much attention, mostly because he's naughty.  So here I have a cute picture of my sweet Doogie.  He'd decided the pile of rugs I'd left on the carpet while I mopped were quite comfy.

I'm just glad one of my cats knows how to be good! 


*carrie* said...

Anne Marie,

Acupuncture freaks me out, but I know some people swear by it. Glad you're find some relief from the other practice.

My mom saved our childhood hair chair, and it is similar to the one you purchased.

Mary said...

Have you ever tried seeing a chiropractor for your migraines? I get the same thing around my ear and into my shoulder. My neurologist suggested seeing a chiropractor when I was pregnant and she has been such a help! I sometimes pop in when the weather is turning and she is able to adjust me and use her little electro-thumper-thing and help stave one off.

But if the acupuncture works for you, that's great! I just couldn't handle the smells at the herbalist/acupuncturist I tried. It was pretty counterproductive - the smells triggered a migraine for me.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Mary, I do see a chiropractor. It's never given me any lasting relief. My sister has been after me for years to try acupuncture, as she has a friend whose migraines were cured by it. We'll see. And yeah, the incense does trigger migraine, but I figure I can get over the one if it potentially means getting more lasting relief. But again, we'll see. I'll give it at least another week...

Carrie, acupuncture freaks me out, too. I can't say I like it, but I'm a bit desperate these days.

Rhonda said...

well I am glad to know that the rash is not as bad as it looks because it looks awful.

babies these days have so much stuff, at least my grndbabies do and I see just huge piles of baby things at yard sales.
My own babies had much less stuff and somehow we got by got fine back in the 80s

Cheryl Dietz said...

Babies always like the packaging and simple things better than all the toys anyway! I saw a very happy little girl playing with a wooden spoon. And keeping the house clen and uncluttered after 4 kids is doable, so I think 1 will be a piece of cake! I hope you find relief for all your discomfort soon.