Married to the Empire

Monday, May 9, 2011


Like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, I finally seem to have fought my way out of pregnancy hell.  The nausea is mostly gone, and I no longer have to wear seabands 24/7.  I've even managed to work with raw meat without getting queasy.  And when my husband was out of town this weekend, I didn't throw up or even gag when cleaning the litterboxes.  (And because I know someone will be all appalled that a pregnant woman cleaned litterboxes, please know that my boys have been tested and there is no toxoplasmosis in this house.  It's safe.)

Now to tackle all the things that were neglected while I was out of it.  Like my pile of coupon inserts that I've been faithfully saving for the past 3 months.  Um, a little overwhelming!

I entered my craft room last week with trepidation.  It's not just a craft room; it's my office, as well.  And for 3 months, I'd been piling bills and things to be shredded or filed in there.  I just hadn't had the energy to deal with any of it, and the room paid the price.

That took me a couple of hours to clean up.  But it had to be done because of this:

I'd had a craft day scheduled with my niece Leah back in February.  But it was the week of all the ice and snow, and I'd been sick, so I cancelled, as I just didn't have the energy.  At the time, I figured we'd reschedule in a couple of weeks or so, but then I found out I was pregnant, and all the nausea and exhaustion hit.  I felt terrible because I kept putting this off.  Leah is a sweetheart and was never upset with me over it, but I was bugged by it.  We hit May, and it was crunch time.  They go back to England at the end of the month.  *sniff sniff*  We finally had our craft day together on Saturday! 

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