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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Crazy Weather

This past week has been strange.  We were iced in, then it snowed, I was sick, and the Super Bowl was in town.  (Can I just say how glad I am that the Super Bowl is over?  I'm really sick of hearing about every single day.)  I snapped a few pics last week after we got a pretty solid snow here.

By Saturday my poor husband was feeling a bit stir crazy, and as I hadn't left the house since Monday, he told me I had to get dressed because we were going out.  (Previously, I'd been living in my pajamas since I was down with a cold.)  We wandered around a local antique gallery, which was a compromise.  He wanted to go to Grapevine Mills Mall, but I couldn't stand the thought of being around so many people.  Then we ate at my favorite Cajun market.  Those two things wiped me out completely, so we went home after that.

I skipped church on Sunday morning to sleep in, but as I didn't have a fever that day, I opted to go to our youth group's Super Bowl party that evening.  The family who was hosting gave me the most comfortable chair to sit in, made me tea, and generally made being out worthwhile for me.  I really appreciated that!  Besides, it was great to see our teenagers, even if I don't care a hoot about football.  (I tried to read a book during the game, but I was too distracted by everything going on around me.)

And now we're expecting more crazy weather in the next day or so.  No one is excited.  We Texans used to like snow, but after last week's ice and frigid temps, plus all the criticism we received in the media over our inability to control the weather the week of the Super Bowl, no one is looking forward to more of it. 

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