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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How We're Doing

It's been a week now without Calvin, and I keep being asked how we're doing.  Truth is, we're all right.  I cried a few times, like when Medicine Time rolled around that first night, and there was no one to give medicine to.  Or every time a sympathy card arrives.  Last week was a stressful mess, as we also had a Disciple Now to prepare for, but now life is calm again, and we're okay. 

Beautiful flowers sent by a friend.  Thank you, Ashley!  GREAT start to my day!
Truth is, it's a little bit of a relief.  We loved Calvin dearly, but he was a high-maintenance cat.  Even before he was sick, he demanded a lot from us.  We willingly gave him what he needed in sickness and in health, but I don't miss washing things soaked in urine or giving IVs. 
Doogie has been a bit lost and confused.  At first, he seemed to look for his brother.  If we mentioned Calvin's name, his ears would perk up, and he'd look all around.  But now he just cries a lot and wants to be played with constantly. 

Look closely; there's a tail sticking out of the box on the left.  Someone is box-stalking his fishing-pole toy.
Over the weekend, our youth group had a Disciple Now.  Steven stayed in the home that hosted the middle-school boys, but I came home each night to sleep.  (Originally, after all, I had a sick cat to medicate and care for.)  Good thing I did.  Doogie seemed distressed that first I'd come home without his brother, then I came home without Daddy.  He's not a snuggler, but he attached himself to me when I'd arrive home each night.  When Steven finally came home on Sunday afternoon, Doogie was beside himself with happiness.  He didn't want to leave Steven's side.

Doogie perched on Steven as he napped after Disciple Now
Every time I leave the house, Doogie is so happy when I get home.  He really isn't taking very well to only-cat status, so we're already talking about getting a new cat.  We're not trying to replace Calvin, by any means, but our home feels a bit emptier, and Doogie has made it clear that he really wants a buddy and playmate.  And seeing as Calvin hadn't been a playmate for a very long time, we feel like Doogie deserves some fun.  Besides, we'll be rescuing a cat from homelessness and giving it a loving home.  What better way to honor Calvin's life than to give a home to another cat in need?


Becky said...

I think that's a fantastic idea! I've always thought that cats do best in pairs :)

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Oh the flowers look good! I'm glad; you can never tell from online pictures. :-)