Married to the Empire

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

It snowed here last night.  And iced.  We're all stuck inside, but it's not a fun snow day because I'm still doing laundry and paying bills, and Steven is working from home.  A few scenes from our house:

How Calvin is keeping warm

My husband having an "Alien" moment.  Yes, I married a freak.
Snowy/icy sidewalk and street
I was going to let Doogie go out for the mail with me, as he does every day.  He was anxiously waiting by the door, but as soon as I opened the door and the cold wind blew in, he backed up and looked at me like, "Are you kidding?!"  Then Calvin got mad because I wouldn't let him out.  Cat has no body fat left, but he wants to go out in the snow.  And he's supposedly the smart one. 

Speaking of Calvin, we got his test results back yesterday.  His bladder infection is gone!  But now he has crystals in his urine, which he's never had before, so that explains why he's still peeing on stuff.  *sigh*  Normal treatment is to x-ray to look for stones, then do surgery to remove them if they're there.  But Calvin can't be put under.  But he could be referred to a specialist.  But really, what's the point?  We're really not trying to prolong his life; we just want to treat infections and make him comfortable. 

He also turned up anemic, which is new.  The vet gave us a liquid vitamin last week, and he takes it twice a day.  Steven started calling it Magic Vitamin Juice because Calvin got a huge surge of energy after only 3 doses.  Of course, the 75-degree temps we had at the time likely contributed. 

How do you go from 75 degrees on Friday to 18 degrees on Tuesday?  The weather has been wreaking havoc with my sinuses and migraines.  Fun fun.  But we're all cozy inside, we have plenty of food and hot tea and books and movies, so really, I have nothing to complain about!


Anonymous said...

LOL... looks like a Mr. Rogers/Alien mash-up. It's a beautiful day in the neighborh... ahhhhhhh!

Rhonda said...

we are having the same weather as you - I am not crazy about the snow but being homebound is fine.

the picture of your "freak" hubby is so cute, really made me smile

Beth said...

It's been so strange seeing snow in Texas! But misery loves company and I enjoy hearing about it. :) Stay warm!