Married to the Empire

Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Alice

We just couldn't wait.  Our house felt emptier and our family felt incomplete with only one cat.  And Doogie has been lonely.  So on Saturday, we adopted Alice. 

She's a whirlwind, a ninja, and scared of the camera.  I had a terrible time trying to get a decent shot of her!  She never stands still, and she's a master at hiding. 

It's been funny to watch Doogie try to assert his dominance over her.  He was so oppressed by Calvin all those years, so it's a hoot to watch him attempt to be Alpha Cat.  He'll hiss at her, then run away in fear.  We set her up in a separate room the first night, but the next day when I opened the door, Doogie made sure to go potty in her litterbox.  What can I say?  He learned from the master.  Calvin knew ALL the tricks for asserting dominance!

Doogie and Alice are trying to get used to each other.  They're both terrified of the other, so it's a bit slow going, but things are progressing much better than they did when we brought Doogie home to Calvin all those years ago!  We expect Doogie and Alice will be best buds by the end of the week.  And because Doogie was miffed that Alice was getting all the attention last night, I made sure to snap a photo of him, too.


Jen said...

Congratulations! She is a beautiful cat. I hope they bond quickly, and you with her too. :)

Kameron said...

She's a beauty! I'm glad to hear you rescued her & I'm sure her & Doogie will love each other soon.