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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Uh, Meet Ninja Instead

I posted the other day about our sweet new kitty, Alice.  I took Alice to the vet yesterday for a check-up and was informed that she is a he.  Alice is a boy!  We were told by the cat rescue that we were getting a girl, all the paperwork we came home with is for a girl, yet we have a boy.  How do you screw up that badly?! 

Regardless, we like him, so we're keeping him.  The girl we thought we got was adopted by another family, and they like her and want to keep her, so we all just need to coordinate and exchange paperwork. 

Alice is now named Ninja, due to his mad ninja skills.  This cat has the power to disappear in the blink of an eye.  Even the vet and vet tech were impressed with his skills when he disappeared twice in a tiny exam room.  He's truly a wonder! 

Ninja and Doogie are starting to get along just fine.  They aren't playing together yet, but they've taken to sharing the sunshine from the same window.  They can be together without any hissing or growling or moaning from Doogie.  It's progress!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new addition! He's a cutie. My grandparents has the same problem with their black kitty but in reverse So we ended with a girl kitty named Felix :). I am glad Doogie and Ninga are getting along so well so soon. I when I took in a stray kitten it was 3 months before my grown cat would stop running in terror from him.

Francisca said...

Hi there!! I found your blog by "coincidence" (don't believe in them) in the internet and I found it super!

I'm so sorry to hear about Calvin. I'm a big cat lover and it breaks my heart to see one (or any animal) so sick that it must be put to sleep. I know it's been some time, but just had to say it.

I'm thanking the heavens for finding you, because I'm in need of some crafter help: I'm engaged and my fianceé and I are starting to throw around ideas for the wedding, hopefully to be on November 2012. The thing is our budget is pretty tight so we're seriously thinking about doing the favors ourselves. We were thinking on doing some bookmarks as we both love reading and writing stories but I can't find something that REALLY catches my eyes.

We're both fanstasy fans, I more on the medieval side and him more on the urban, cyberpunk side. By any chance do you have any idea in that marvelous library of yours? Something easy but pretty original to do?

I would really thank you any answer :) I love your crafts!!


Beth said...

Wow, I he disappeared twice in an exam room at the vet? Now that really is a ninja cat!! Very impressive! And I'm sure in no time Doogie and Ninja will be all snuggled up together like my Toby and Snowy. :)

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Francisca, shoot me an email (my address is in my profile). Ironically, when I was playing around with alcohol inks, I was doing it on bookmark-sized bits of glossy paper. I have a couple of medieval-ish stamps I used on them. I can email you photos of what I did. I'll also look to see who made the stamps. I bought them on ebay years ago.