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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life or Something Like It

I'll be honest; I'm not enjoying pregnancy.  I have a sorority sister who gushed endlessly years ago about how wonderful pregnancy is and how much she loved every single aspect of it.

I kind of now think she's crazy.  Nice girl, but a little off. 

Maybe I would feel differently if this had been planned or if we'd been desperately trying for years and it finally happened.  But none of that was the case for us.  This took us completely by surprise, and now the accompanying symptoms are more surprises, and very unpleasant ones, at that.  I've found myself wondering pretty much every day just how anyone manages to have more than one child.  (But I'm glad they do because I wouldn't be here if my mom called it quits after my sister, and I love all four of my sister's children dearly!)  

Because I'm tired and nauseated pretty much all the time, I fear that this may become the permanent state of my house:

Even cooking has fallen to the wayside.  I'm amazed my husband is able to find anything to eat these days.  *sigh*  I am eating; it's just that after I eat something, I pretty much never want it again.  And I can't be around raw meat at the moment.  Pregnancy really does some freaky weird things to a woman. 

On the catly side of life, Ninja is fitting in nicely with our little family.  He and Doogie have started playing games of chase together, which thrilled me to no end when I first witnessed it.  I even caught them doing this the other night:

We've begun Ninja's training in earnest.  He arrived the with the most abysmal manners.  We use a bicycle horn for the worst offenses.  Stops a cat in his tracks.  Unfortunately, it also terrifies poor Doogie, who has fabulous manners.  All we have to do is pick up the horn, and Doogie takes off like a shot.  Meanwhile, Ninja is still being naughty.  He'll learn.  Eventually.  The goal is for Doogie not to have a heart attack in the process!  I suppose I should try a squirt bottle.  Doogie was never smart enough to understand the squirt bottle, which is why we now use a horn.  But Ninja seems fairly bright, so maybe a redirecting tool that doesn't punish Doogie in the process is in order. 


Leia said...

Can't say for certain that your nausea will get better, because sometimes it just doesn't. I'm in the process of finishing up my third pregnancy (quite literally - contractions for a couple of hours now). With my first, I was manageably sick for about 5 months, then the heartburn took over. The second, I was almost incapacitated for the first few months and "just" nauseous the rest of the time. This time around, the majority of the sickness waned around month 5, but I've still felt queasy from time to time (like this morning)...but the heartburn has been pretty bad.

Pregnancy is not enjoyable for me. Not in the least. But the end result is so very worth it that I'd do it 1000 times over if God (and my husband) let me.

Many "health food" stores have ginger pills which help some. Staying hydrated helps. Putting a little lemon in your water is helpful too. Tart things are good. And keeping _something_ in your stomach at all times (lots of small meals) will help.

All the best to you! You'll make it!

Meredith said...

I'm so sorry you're having a tough time of it! If it's any consolation, my house looks like that through most pregnancies (at least during the exhausting 1st and 3rd trimesters.)

Praying it will get a little easier for you every day!

PS - you know about not emptying the litterboxes, right? At leas that's one task you can hand off without guilt!

Roxie700 said...

I pray that it will get better for you soon. I am sure the Lord has sent you a great blessing.
I was pregnant twice. The first time was so easy, it was a real 'cake walk' as they say. Only gained a few pounds and never sick. Because of the size of the baby and his position in my body I had to have a c-section. My 2nd pregnancy was very different. I was sick for about 5 months. I lost 18 pounds. My doctor was so worried about the weight loss he came very close to putting me in the hospital. Then things did turn around. I felt good the last few months. I gained 15 pounds and had a very healthy 7 pound 2 ounce boy.
I hope with all my heart that you feel better soon and that you can come to enjoy being pregnant.
May God bless.

Beth said...

Pregnancy is so different for everyone. I was blessed with no morning sickness or heartburn. I did end up with sciatic pain, so I suppose it's a trade off. For me, the best part was feeling the baby move around. At least until right at the end when the baby has no room. I hope that you feel better soon!

Cheryl Dietz said...

So much of pregnancy can be difficult and not enjoyable,(I suffered from bad morning sickness and with my 4th, bad back pain) but when you can feel the baby move and maybe even grab little feet or hands, pregnancy is worth it. And then the baby comes and it is even better. Hang in there. I think it will get better, it usually does.

Kimber said...

I hated the first trimester of my pregnancy, tolerated the 2nd and loved the 3rd.
Try lemon drops, ginger chews, Peppermints, or Preggie Pops for the nausea.
Still praying for you!

Jen said...

The beginning is the tough part, it gets better. Here at 15 weeks, the fatigue is lifting and the nausea is almost gone. My best suggestion is small, frequent meals and protein. With what I learned from the previous pregnancies this one is easier. You are in the toughest time.

Also, since you like to have things together, think about what you'll want to get done before you get less mobile at the end. I'm sure you'll have some great projects you'll want to do, along with just preparing for the crazy new baby time, and you don't want to save that for the last month when you'll be tired again.

It is tough but it has a rhythm to it, and it's SO worth it! Hang in there. :)