Married to the Empire

Thursday, March 24, 2011

All-Con 2011

We spent last weekend at a hotel in Addison for All-Con 2011.  I didn't experience much of it this year due to pregnancy woes.  (I spent the majority of my weekend holed up in our hotel room.  But that's okay.  There was a Harry Potter marathon on some channel, and I ordered room service, so it was fine.) 

I did attend Imperial Gladiators the first day, which my husband runs.  For the uninitiated, these are stormtrooper games that always begin with the guys having to suit up as fast as possible.  That was followed by a shooting gallery, in which they had to be careful to shoot at the enemy only.  Capture the Princess was next, and Laser Maze was the final event.  If you were wondering what the cats were "helping" Steven work on last week, it was the laser maze. 

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Erica F said...

I really liked the lazer maze! What a great idea!