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Friday, March 25, 2011

All-Con 2011 Part 2

As I said in my previous post, I experienced very little of All-Con this year due to pregnancy woes.  The only things I attended were Imperial Gladiators, the Miss Star Wars contest, and the drawing for the droid hunt.  (I've had the job the past two years of writing numbers on a marker board when the stormtroopers call them out.) 

I was very pleased that our friend Erica won Miss Star Wars this year.  She was great in the competition.  Personality counts, and she certainly brought it!  I was cheering her on and hoping she'd win, so I was thrilled when she did!

Sorry for the dark, fuzzy picture.  I'd forgotten to bring my better camera with me to this competion.

Miss Star Wars 2011
Later that afternoon, the 501st Legion got together for their annual photo shoot.

And finally, something that absolutely cracked me up:

That would be complementary soap and a pre-pasted toothbrush, compliments of All-Con and handed out by a Klingon.  To put it delicately, not all con attendees are schooled in the basic social graces, so All-Con was kindly offering some things to remind them to wash and brush.  Because there is such a thing as Con Funk, and it's a very bad smell. 

Unfortunately, I failed to get photos of most everything else at All-Con this year, including the TWO Tardis replicas.  I'm a big Doctor Who fan, so I loved seeing a strong presence at All-Con this year. 


Beth said...

That's too funny about the soap and toothpaste (but also sad). Pat and I were curious about the girl dressed as an anime character in the Miss Star Wars. Although at Anime Boston we see Stormtroopers, so it's probably just people with costumes like an excuse to wear them. :)

Erica F said...

Great post Anne Marie! I saw you guys in the audience during the contest. :)

I loved the soap & toothpaste too. Did you see the video they showed telling people to shower? LOL