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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing

My mom commented recently that ever since my cousins and I started using Facebook, none of us update our blogs very frequently.  She's right.  But it's so much easier to come up with a sentence or two, rather than composing paragraphs of interest, complete with photos.  What can I say?  Facebook allows me to be lazy.  It's just easier.  More than that, though, is that I often feel as if there's not much to say here that hasn't already been said.  My life is pretty much the same-old, same-old each day. 

Calvin didn't see the vet last week, as I'd originally said he would.  He wasn't acting like he felt much better after a week on his new antibiotic, and he still had plenty left, so after conferring on the phone with the vet's office, we decided to push his appointment off for another week to give him more time on the antibiotic.  I suspect tomorrow's testing will show that he still has his infection.  I'm hopeful, though; it's all I can do at this point. 

My friends threw me a very belated birthday party about a week-and-a-half ago.  My friend Sandy made the cake.  Mice on top, cats on the sides.  Very cute!

My friend Marylou gave me the Brookstone version of a Snuggie.  (I call it a better-than-a-Snuggie because the quality is a billion times better.)  I can no longer make fun of Snuggie owners.  I still think they look ridiculous, but they really are quite convenient.  Even Steven was impressed with it, although he won't use it because it's pink.  My male cats have no problem with that, though.  Calvin thinks it's the greatest thing ever, and Doogie loves it, too.  I caught him looking all cute on it this morning, in fact. 

I learned a lesson last week.  It never hurts to try stuff, but sometimes those things fail.  Because I've had so much trouble finding glossy paper, and when I do, it's expensive, I decided to see if brushing glossy Mod Podge onto cardstock would work with alcohol inks

For the record, it doesn't work--at least not well.  Didn't hurt to try, though! 

I received a lot of Amazon gift cards for my birthday and Christmas.  (I got a new Kindle, so everyone wants to make sure I have plenty of money for buying books for it!  Appreciate that!)  In addition to Kindle books, I bought some silicone loaf pans for making soap, and also this book:

There are photos for every single step of every project. That makes this sewing novice very happy, as I'm a visual learner. Hopefully I'll get around to actually doing something with some of the fabric I have.

And now you're all caught up on my not-very-exciting life.  I could take pictures of my laundry, too, if you'd like...

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Kameron said...

I don't find your life boring at all! I love reading even the simplest of posts. Hope Calvin's infection is cleared up by the time you go to the vet.