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Monday, January 3, 2011

Beautiful Butterfly Artwork

The best part of my nieces being in Texas for a while is that I get to see them.  A lot.  Another sweet part of it is that they feel motivated to make things for me.  I love getting artwork from them! 

Emily, who is 9, handed me a butterfly that she drew for me on one of her new canvasses she'd received for Christmas.  Such a lovely gift deserves to be displayed.  One problem:  the canvas was a strange size of 9"x6".  (Must be a weird British thing.)  To get this properly matted and framed would be expensive because it would require custom matting.  (Okay, so I could ask my Daddy to do it for me, but I really wasn't looking to go that fancy.)

We went to IKEA for some totally unrelated stuff, but I saw this 8.5"x11" frame in turquoise, which goes beautifully with the decor in my craft room. It was only $2 (and honestly looks it close up, but high on a wall... not so much), so I bought it.

Next I cut some coordinating scrapbook paper to fit the frame.

I used large glue dots to affix the canvas to the paper, then I put it all inside the frame. 

I think it looks pretty nice like that!  Next, I hung it on the wall above one of my butterfly batiks.  (How serendipitous that I already had a butterfly theme going in the artwork in the room!) 

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AnneK said...

It does look nice. Isn't it fun when we go somewhere and find something that we were looking for even if we didn't specifically go for that?

Happened to me when I was organizing Neil's party. I was looking for a favors bag where I could put his candy. I found some expensive ones at Party City and bought it as there was nothing else. But another day, I was at the dollar store and found these cute little tie bags 6 for $1 which were absolutely perfect. I love it when pieces fall into place like that!