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Friday, January 7, 2011

When Things Just Come Together

We always do a White Elephant gift exchange with our youth group, as we really don't want them going out and spending money on Pointless Gift Exchange gifts.  (I have a serious issue with that.)  Besides, it's more fun when things are just silly or strange. 

A body pillow wound up in the exchange.  Let me clarify... a used body pillow.  And I was nearly leaping out of my seat with wanting it.  Here's why:

The pillowcase is an exact match for the curtains in my craft room!  And because my cats like to hang out with me when I'm in the craft room, it seemed perfect for them!  And sure enough, Doogie loves it!  It washed nicely, so who cares if it's used?  And yes, I totally stole it away from a kid.  But she's a senior, so hardly a kid, therefore, no guilt.  Right? 

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

you never know what might be the favorite at those exchanges. You did good and I am sure your kitties will love it.

how funny it is same stripes you already had.