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Monday, January 10, 2011

Calvin Isn't Doing So Well

Doogie being forced by Calvin to share a bed, which he hates to do!
I woke up Saturday morning to find that Calvin had soaked through his new bed during the night.  And I do mean soaked.  We'd only owned the bed 8 days at that point, and it had already been through the washer twice because of Calvin's peeing.  So now the boys are back to sharing a single bed, which interestingly, Calvin never pees on. 

The color of the urine indicated blood in it.  And he was throwing up.  I took him in on New Year's Eve for a bladder infection.  He received a shot, but he's now built up antibiotic resistance to it.  In fact, he's now built up resistance to every antibiotic in my vet's arsenal.  These constant bladder infections are weakening him. 

I did manage to get the vet on the phone on Saturday morning, and she decided to call in a prescription to a local pharmacy for a kitty-sized dose of a Z-pack.  It's actually a liquid (I suspect for a child), and I have to measure out a dose every day and squirt it down his throat. 

We're just praying this works. 

It's heartbreaking to see a cat taken out by something so simple as a bladder infection.  But this is what kidney disease is doing to him.  Not all cats with kidney disease are prone to bladder infections; Calvin is just one of the unlucky ones. 

And I wonder at times how much is too much?  I know there are probably those who think we do too much for him, but when a simple antibiotic can kill an infection and give him his life back, why not do it?  I just hate to see a bladder infection be the thing that ultimately ends his life.  Because when he's infection free, he's still pretty perky and happy. 

If you pray and don't mind praying for animals, please pray for Calvin.  Pray that this drug will actually work for him and clear up his latest bladder infection.  Thank you.


Jen said...

Praying for Calvin and his loving parents.

Beth said...

still praying for Calvin!

Roxie700 said...

I pray for cats, dogs, and anything that needs prayer. God made us all.
I know the heart break of a sick pet. Last Oct. 1 we lost our beloved dachshund. She was only 11 but had suffered a long time with Cushings disease. Now, my beloved dog Beaulah Mae is almost 15. She is slowing down to the point that sometimes I am not even sure she is still breathing. She is on medication for her liver too. You love a pet like part of the family. Losing that pet is like losing part of the family.
Saying a prayer for Calvin and for you too. Roxie

Anonymous said...

Say a prayer for Calvin and they rest of you.

Catherine @ Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

I'm praying for Calvin! Being a pet mom is so hard sometimes. :(

On a practical note, do you use Nature's Miracle on the pee stains? It's about $20 a gallon, but I consider it a bargain at any price!