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Monday, January 17, 2011

Working with Alcohol Inks

I bought myself some alcohol inks after watching a tutorial video online.  Then Steven gave me some more for Christmas.  I was so excited about trying them out because everything I've seen with them looks so amazing.  But it never looked right for me.  It took a ton of ink, and the colors weren't blending.  I went back to watch the video again and realized my problem.  You have to use glossy paper.  BIG difference!

Stupidly trying to blend colors on regular paper

Oh, look at that!  Glossy paper makes all the difference!

I love how all the colors blend together, and I found it rather addictive to try out color combination after color combination. 

Of course, then I discovered that if I want to stamp on top of them, I need archival ink.  More supplies to buy.  Funny how when you try a new medium, suddenly you need a lot more stuff to go with it. 

I've been making a few bookmarks, but also these for the fronts of cards:

Deadbeat Designs is a Texas-based company that makes really great Texas-themed stamps.  LOVE THEM.  I also have some bluebonnet stamps from DD.  And naturally, I had to glitter things up a bit with my Martha Stewart glitter.  I'm a glitter girl. 

I'm finally having fun in my craft room again.  I'd been pretty creatively empty for a while, but last weekend I attended a rubber stamping convention, and I got some ideas (and some new stuff!).  I've been happily working on projects again.  Feels good to create!

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Beth said...

Those bookmarks are GORGEOUS! Wow!